Early Members of the Handsboro Civic Club who also served as officers

Listed below are the founding officers of the organization who filed with the State of Mississippi for incorporation as a non-profit on June 15, 1959:

Mr. Charlie Warren

Mrs. Jeanette Moore

Mr. Or lander Grovesnor

Mr. Leonard Jackson

Mr. Wilbert Williams

Mrs. Berdel Barney

Mrs. O. Conner

The founding members' mission in June 1959 was clear and it has not changed but evolved. The mission then and now is to improve the living conditions of the citizens in the community by creating relationships with churches, schools, businesses, government, and other community organizations to promote, sponsor, and foster the development and improvement of the community, both civic, culturally, socially, morally, and economically. Through these partnerships, we will enhance the development of the youth and the citizens of Handsboro and Mississippi City thru education, employment, homeownership, entrepreneurship, and sports.